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  • *This is an attorney-client contract wherein the property owner is not required to pay legal fees or costs unless the attorney(s) recover a tax refund for the 2015 tax year, at which time the attorney(s) shall receive 1/3rd of the tax rate objection refund for the 2015 tax year along with repayment of any court costs. For the purposes of this contract, owner agrees that the term “refund” also includes any credit against property tax obligations for years subsequent to 2015 in the event that the tax assessor applies the 2015 refund as a specified tax credit to future years’ tax obligations. Owner understands that no refund or credit may be obtained for a particular parcel of land unless said PIN (Parcel Identification Number) is included in the authorization through the lompc.com website. I authorize the Law Office of Michael P. Coghlan, LLC (LOMPC) and its affiliates to negotiate settlement or proceed to trial, to receive, process, negotiate, deposit and/or distribute any settlement checks or drafts to researchers, counsel and clients with full consent/agreement. The Owner or authorized representative (“Owner”) is identified in the public property tax records relating to the designated Property Identification Number(s). The Owner hires the Law Office of Michael P. Coghlan, LLC and its designees (“LOMPC) for limited representation relating to the 2015 Tax Rate Objection work. LOMPC will use its reasonable best efforts but makes no promises or guarantees regarding the outcome of the Tax Rate Objection work. Owner agrees to timely provide any records required for the Tax Rate Objection work. Owner agrees to communicate with LOMPC by e-mail. Owner agrees to use the words “Tax Rate Objection” in the subject window of all emails related thereto. Owner understands that LOMPC may be working with other numerous property owners relating to the Tax Rate Objection. Owner acknowledges that only those parcels identified in writing by Owner through the LOMPC website submitted Agreement will be eligible for a refund or credit. Any property which is not identified by valid Property Index Number (PIN), submitted along with Owner’s agreement hereto, and transmitted to LOMPC via the LOMPC website for Tax Rate Objections will not be eligible for tax refund or credit. Owner represents that property taxes and any penalties and interest related to the designated PINs have been paid in full as of the acceptance of this Agreement. Owner represents that no other matter is pending or threatened to interfere with the Tax Rate Objection procedures. Owner agrees to provide timely participation and information for the Tax Rate Objection work. Owner agrees to promptly notify LOMPC via email of any information affecting the Tax Rate Objection work.
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